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Thank you for taking the time to see how working with our festivals and online store can help your business grow.


We are the only festival to promote gin, vodka & rum in equal measures, we bring together your core customer base to our festivals, while also opening up your customer base to non drinkers who may be converted at the end of the festival.


We now live in a time where festivals are popping up all over the place, so we aim to set ourselves apart the competition. Our online store will provide repeat business and our social media pages will help you keep in-touch.


We also put on a really good festival.



‘To tantalise the taste-buds of our guests, with unique flavours and mixers, they will not find everyday.’

Distillers and Local Traders

are at the heart of our festivals.


We want traders

attending to benefit from our festivals and gain new customers. This is why our floor layout always puts the traders in a prime position.


We offer you the opportunity to sell your products at the festival.

festival  highlights

We have four bars

showcasing our gins, which are individually labelled.


Each bar displays 20 gins that are found in the booklet. For gins new to the festival or to the market, each bar has a new & noteworthy board to display within the festival.

Live Music will be

performed in sets throughout the festival.


Our vibe is to have unique bands providing background sets during a session with a big finish at the end.


If you have suggestions for the local area, please let us know.

We provide a bottle shop to sell stock for distillers who are not in


Distillers who are

attending the festival have the option to sell stock from their stalls.


We also provide an online store for after sales of the festival.

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